NeverWinter Nights (NWN) DVD backup

I have tried many different methods of trying to make a backup copy of the NWN DVD that will run the game, but when I try to use the DVD I burnt the backup to, it say that it can’t find an original copy, or something like it couldn’t find a validated copy. What’s up? The version is NWN Diamond.

Did you scan the game DVD & installed files for a protection ? What methods did you use to backup the DVD ?
Try updating the game, as the latest patch removes securom in other versions of the game.

This is a bug in the Diamond edition of NWN.

Find the file named something like Critical Rebuld 1.66 on the DVD and run that right after you install the game and you shouldn’t have any problems.

(Bioware are cool - They cracked their own game after lots of people had CD Protection problems so now the game doesn’t have any copy protection! :smiley:

Unfotunately Infograms-Atari are dumbasses and put the protection back on the DVD.
You HAVE to use the Critical Rebuild on the DVD otherwise multiplayer and newer patches won’t work properly because the copy-protected EXE from the DVD registers as a wrong/hacked version! :D)