Neverending Story .. LG 5169D

Hi @ll,

I´ve got a (also known Problem) with the external LG 5169D DVD-Writer.

The Drive does not recognizes any Blank DVD, but blank CD will be recognized.

So Dismounting the whole Drive and putting it as an internal Drive made me weird, because the drive still sends ID: “LG GSA 5169D”. But the Label on the Drive says: 4164 (!)

And because I found no new Firmware for 5169D I don´t wanted to crossflash to 4164 (4166) and not knowing what happen anyway.

Do anybody know how to Dump the Firmware from the 5169D (V 1.00), that I can buy another working 4164 ? And then reflash it to 5169D ? Or is this not needed ?

Or does somebody knows with which Drives f.e. GSA - 4167B, H42N, H55N it may be replaced and will work perfectly ?

And yes, I have read all older threads about this Drive, but found neither a Firmware to DL nor solving this Problem.

This seems like a Hardware related Bug, but anyway not knowing if a FW update may help, or it may better to put the whole Writer away …

Thx in advance, and excuse my english