Never used these DVD-R`s before do they work with NEC?

4x6x8x ect

is the quality ok ?

im kinda short on cash at the mo and need to know cheers.

just want to know if there reliable or not. they use the G04 die.
and yes i know there over prints but i have herd from a few people that use them that there great at 4x but not shure on 6x and 8x as they cant get those kinds a speeds hehe

here is the imagel:

so no one has used these DVD-R`s before then

okidoki going to have to go out on a whim here and hope they burn ok when i get them.


I’ve used 2 different styles of Ritek G04 disc’s in my 2510A, one is orange colored with a picture of mountains and streams that I bought at PC Club here in Phoenix and the other is Ridata with a silver matte finish from Newegg. They have both worked great at 4X in my NEC 2510A and Plextor 708A. I have not tried them at any speed other than 4X as I am using stock 2.15 firmware.

those orange mountain and the worst DVD-R ever built lol
ridata are ok but not perfect.

though i have had a few of these overprints above and seemed fine so thats why i ordered + there cheap and i didnt have the money but we will see when they arrive if there up to much at 6x/8x speeds :slight_smile:

That’s what I’ve heard about the orange mountain G04’s, but so far I’ve burned 40 out of the 50 that I bought without any coasters on my Plextor 708a and my NEC 2510A. I don’t plan on buying any more of these since the Ridata ones from NewEgg also work great and are cheaper, but the 40 I have burned play perfectly on several DVD players.