Never Seen this file type before

hey all, i cant identify what protection is being used on my game i just bought. its final fantasy x-2 for the ps2. (US release) i downloaded protection id tools but i cant access any files of a type that those tools understand.
i believe its because the file types on the original game are a type called
irx. files.
there is 1 img. file.
and one called SLUS_206.72 which is the largest file on the DVD. do you have any clue what any of that means?

Sony has started using an illegle TOC to protect newer DVDs.

Here’s how it works:

Data is written this way:


So computers will see the Lead-In and Lead-Out but no TOC since it comes AFTER the Lead-Out.

Why it works is you can tell the PS2 to go to a certain part of the disc, you cannot do that to a PC so this protection won’t work on PC games.

It’s a Hardware issue and to my knowledge no way to copy it on a PC, need the PS2 linux kit to make an image.

that really sucks =(

can anyone else verify this??

will this become standard for ps2 games in the future?

A friend of mine (A programmer for PS2 games) told me about this.

Yeah as far as I know 99% of the newer PS2 games will use this because it works :frowning:

That’s all the info I have on it, they don’t tell him how they do it or how to defeat it - just based on my knowledge a computer will never do it.

The PS2 Linux Kit can, as long as you have the software…someone will figure a way around it for sure, as for us with home burners not much of a chance we can do it.