Never really used clonecd and im kinda confused

I just installed clonecd 4013 and I am trying to unlock hide cdr and aws, so i d/led that tool and it says clonecd not installed? Does it not work with 4013 are there any special instructions? Ohh btw where would hide cdr be anyways?

The tool should work for most user…
Don’t know because I’m not using the tool ( The reason is that I hate patches )

The Hide CDR Media is located at the CloneCD Tray, right click the tray, there should be a option called “Hide CDR Media” :slight_smile:

Depends on where you live, US or ???, sorry not sure the other country, but the regional settings have a lot to do with it… Go to My computer > Control panel > Regional settings > and set it to Canadian English, this will bring up the settings you want…


Depends what country you are in.
These settings are disabled in the US and UK

this info can be found at or by using the search function.

US and UK

its US and Japan, not UK

Thanks Alot guys I reinstalled clonecd and the regkill worked:)


50% aint bad.



NP:p :stuck_out_tongue: