Never had this problem before

I have a toshiba sd-c2502 dvd-rom drive on a pavilion laptop, it isn’t a combo drive but it is multi-read.

It’s weird, but it doesn’t want to read regular cds, it has no problems with dvds though. I need to know how to fix this, or if short of buying a new drive, does my problem have a fix?

I been told that the lens might be messed up for cd reading, as it uses wider/longer waves to read?

Could it be that the lens is just really dirty and all I have to do is clean it?

have u fixed this problem??? i do have the same thing cd wont read but dvd work perfect

strange a dirty lense would usually have the opposite problem (ie will read cd’s but not dvd’s) but its possible that that might fix it.

either that or the drive is going bad