Never had this happen before



Using AnyDVD and clone dvd, I attempted to backup DIEHARD WITH A VENGEANCE. It copied perfectly but there is nop sound. I did it 3 times and then tried another movie and it worked fine. Do I need to do anything out of the ordinary?

Thanks for your help


Hi :slight_smile:
I don’t know if this will help but I have a neighbour who had this problem
On this occasion it was down to sound tracks ie: stereo / 5.1
He had gotten into the habit of leaving out the stereo so as to leave 5.1
The disc he was recording only had stereo
Hence he got no sound
Quite often budget reissuses will have only one sound track & no subtitles


If you have the special edition it has both DTS and 5.1 suround sound, the audio on your backup did you keep both DTS and 5.1? If you kept only DTS and your dvd player or reciever isnt DTS capable then you get no audio. If you kept both you may just have to use your dvd audio menu or remote and pick the 5.1 audio channel, if that doesnt work then you can try to back it up again and not keep DTS.