Never going on line with XP



[B]Okay, this is a weird one. Maybe it doesn’t even belong on this site but I never get lost … people always tell me where to go. :wink:
My question is: Is there some way to set up Windows XP on
a computer that will never go on line. Sort of a big music machine, typewriter and photoshop deal. Music would be imported of course. Do you have to go on line to keep it from quitting in 30 days? Is there a workaround ?

Thanks … AR


You can activate XP by phone. You don’t have to connect to the net.


By the way, you’ll probably want XP with at least SP2…SP3 would be better. If your version doesn’t have either you can download SP3 on another computer and install it into this one.

Since you don’t want to connect this XP machine to the net, ignore the recommendations to get SP3 through automatic updates.


Awesome … What would I do without a little help form my friends :slight_smile: Happy Thanksgiving