Never encountered this please

Ok, I’m needing help burning a game that is in mo-ll1.001 thru mo-ll1.051. And thats just CD-1 of 4. there is also a file in the cd_1 folder called mo-ll1.sfv I’ve always used .bin or .cue files when burning games. I feel stupid but I just cant get this to work. I’m using Nero btw. Any ideas? Thanks…:slight_smile:

Have you read the rules ? You have downloaded Leisure Suit Larry Magnacum Laude (obviously the MONEY release) and you are expecting help ?? :a

ok, I opened the first “mo-ll1.001” with winzip and found the .cue and .bin files. But do I do the same for ALL the rest of them? or just the first for each cd?

Heavens !! Read the rule, warez kid !

Post deleted, missed the above replies

Hope you gonna burn in hell for your help considering warez.