Never defrag & Merging avis



I use “ConvertXtoDvd” to make a DVD. (Have the newest version)
What do you guys use to merge the two avi files to one movie without making part 1 and part 2? I did a movie using “Sequential Playback” and the last movie I did, it froze when it jumped to the 2nd AVI file on the finished DVD.
Also, I hear you should never defrag your hard drive where the files are being downloaded till the files are all downloaded (RAR or AVI files). I heard it can cause problems. Is this true.



Include log to get proper answer on first issue.
About second - never defrag a drive that is in use.
If there is no programs using a drive, then it can be safely defragged.
Problems might come when using p2p program that is not following rules on disk usage. With those programs you might get all kinds of problems, and better option is not to use those at all.
Defragging usually improves diskspeed and filehandling, so it is good to do it quite often.


Hi there,

it froze when it jumped to the 2nd AVI file on the finished DVD

Pixilation, Skipping and freezing are usually related to cheap media quality and/or burned too fast.

Please provide us a full [U]burn[/U] log !


i had the same prb mate as you of selecting “Sequential Playback” and it not working , then a nice mod on here directed me to fig 5 and i did it that way mate and all was good :slight_smile:

fig 5