Never buying a Plextor AGAIN!

I just did a self diagnostic test on my Plextor Premium because it started getting ‘Power Calibration Errors’. The test came out postive (write errors). This is the 3rd Plextor that died on me because of a stupid ‘Power Calibration Error’ My first plextor was a 48/24/48 which died of a PCE and now my Premium. My PX-708 died awhile back ago (read errors) because it lost the ability to read CD-RWs. All Plextors I used die right after the 1 year warranty. I feel like Plextor purposely timed the death of their drives right after 1 year so we have to go out and buy new ones.

The only drive that isn’t dead right now and fully functional is my PX-716A but with my experience with the past 3 drives it’s not long that my 716 starts erroring on me.

We pay a premium price for these drives and they only last a little over a year. Just look at how many threads and posts there are about people RMAing their drives. A good drive manufacturer shouldn’t have a mile long list of people RMAing their drives. I’m going BenQ/Lite-On/or some other brand from now on. Screw Plextor, Plextor can go burn in hell and I hope you guys go bankrupt by the end of this year cause your drives seriously SUCK!

Sorry to hear about your trouble with Plextor drives. Sounds like you should change your login name. God doesn’t seem to be on your side. :a

I have a Plextor 24X burner that’s about 4 years old and still going strong. It’s will burn on any media that isn’t defective and gives nice results on error scans. If I didn’t care about DVD burning I wouldn’t have bought a 716A, because the old Plextor 24X is still great!

Good luck with your next drive. BenQ may be they way to go for you.

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Check your power supply or dust conditions in the room first before blaming anyone…

About two weeks ago one of my Plextor Premium drives died. It was only about 14 months old. That is complete !@#$.

My old SCSI Plextors lasted for five years or longer on average; and I owned a ton of them. This is totally unacceptable by Plextor. I also made the mistake of buying a PX716-UF a few months ago. I don’t feel secure with it because of everything I’ve read about these units. Plextor has gone to ashes - it’s truly sad. :sad:

Has nothing to do with power supply (using a antec 480w) and it’s almost impossible for dust to affect your drive unless you live in a cotton factory. Maybe you can be more precise about 'power supply and ‘dust conditions’ when you reply. If you read around the Plextor board you can see alot of people been complaining about the quality of Plextor drives for the past few years.

Plextor quality has declined dramatically and there are more reliable and cheaper alternatives out there that gets the job done. Friends of mine who bought their drives (BenQ, Lite-On and Samsung) around the same time as I bought my Plextor are still running strong. I don’t see anymore reason to buy Plextor drives with a fractional performance gain from other drives when other brands cost a fraction of the price. I see Plextor as a brand image and nothing more. The reliability of these drives is just horrible. No point having a Premium drive when it can’t burn and erase CDRWs, no point having a 708A when it can’t read DVD±RW it’s burns and can’t read/write CDRWs. All media I use are Taiyo Yuden and MCC so media is not the problem.

Plextor is also extremely sensitive to certain media while most other brands burn anything you throw at it.
There is a limit to everything in life and Plextor has already crossed my threshold. Plextor needs to do something about their drives fast because their loyal customer base leaving fast as well.

Just like what bulletx said Plextor drives where good before now their just garbage.

A 2 year warranty on their drives would be nice, just to show their confidence in their drives. :slight_smile:

Plextor offers a 2 year warranty in Europe, and they pay shipping both ways for RMAs. Of course we don’t get such service in the US…

The Antec 480’s are having some problems!Don’t know if this is an issue for you, but it’s something to keep in mind!!

Good Luck


From all I’ve heard and read, the Premium is considered by most to be the best CD-RW drive ever, and arguably the last quality drive from Plextor.
I have a Premium-U which is fantastic. Admittedly, I’ve only had the drive for less than a year so far…
And my experience w/ Plextor support in Belgium (answering questions I had about the drive) has been excellent.

Have you ever checked your voltages from your PSU using a digital multimeter? Perhaps you aren’t getting enough since possibly either a) your power supply is being stressed or b) your PSU is going bad. Check it out, it might be the culprit of your problems.

Really? Do you have some links?


It doesn’t make any sense when my 716A is fully functional and my Premium and 708A is only working partially, therefore I don’t see the problem lying with the PSU. If the PSU does have problems then all drives (atapi, hdd, etc.) are affected.

Let’s face the truth here - Plextor now sucks the big one!

well, no usefull information from me this time, but i at least wanna say that my 2003-built, and nearly daily used Premium works absolutely great. never had a cd-burner which burnt that well without errors…

different model drives (and hardware revisions of the same models for that matter) may use different PCBs and other electronic components that vary in their sensitivity to the current supplied by your PSU…insufficient amperage, ripple, etc can affect different components in different ways…

Well i am a suspect in this matter:

My first Plextor 716 didn`t work! RMA…

2 days after a receive another one: Did make a lots of noise!! :a

Did open it, and resolve the issue…

Then, few months later, it stop work :a

open again, and resolve the problem by myself…

But, the old one 48x/24/48A still works nice…

About the source, my Enermax 475 W, working 366 days, rocks!! :bigsmile:

Even with the CPU on OC… :bow:

I found here a Benq 1640 for € 42,00…maybe i should… :wink: :bigsmile:

I have never had such troubles with my Plextors. My SCSI 12x still works fine. So do other brands of drives.

But I had one DVDrom drive die on me after about a year. Turned out the desktop case it was put in, sandwiched between other drives, was much too hot.

Just to say that it depends on how intensive you use your devices, and under what conditions.


Eltranquil,I Don’t have a link at this time,don’t recall where I read it!!I was going to buy one my self,and read that they had problems.

Ok, thanks. :slight_smile:


Great, now my 716A is starting to have Power Calibration errors…Man this fucking sucks big time. This is really my last Plextor I’m ever going to get.