Never burned DVDs before; what media to use?



Hi everyone! (First post.)

I recently purchased a LiteOn 411S. It’s my first DVD burner. I’ve never burned a DVD in my life, but I’m very familiar with CD authoring.

I’m trying to figure out what media I should get. Money is tight currently, so I don’t want to purchase something and it turn out to not work very well.

So my question is, to all of the other 411S owners, which media do you suggest I try out for the first time? And perhaps some good places to get the media?

Wal-Mart has a 10 pack of Maxell DVD-Rs for $10, and that sounds good to me, although I’ve heard LiteOn sucks at burning -Rs. Is this true? Do the recent firmwares not fix this? The +Rs were twice as much, so I only wanna spend that extra money if I really need to.

I apologize if this should be in the Media forum instead–I’m a newbie here. :slight_smile:

Oh BTW, I’ll be burning data discs mainly, in case that’s important to know…


411 @fs0f firmware is fine for quality + and - media

maxell -r looks fine in the media forum

go for it and let us know the results. just realize that you may end up with a few coasters.


It may be a week or so, but I will do. :slight_smile: Thanks


Once you feel like getting “bulk” discs, try one of the on-line media outlets like Shop4Tech or Meritline. I like getting bulk packs in case I get a coaster, I don’t feel so bad about wasting a disc.

I got good kprobe results with Prodisc (ProdiscS03) and Ritek G04 DVD-Rs. Checking Shop4tech, you can pick up the Prodisc for under $56/100 and the RitekG04 for $63/100 (with coupon code). No tax + Free shipping.

But, if you like quality, STAY AWAY FROM CHEAP CRAP! Anything less than $45/100 is prob crap (not to sound elitist, but the Sonic and Matrix are both less than that --with sonic about $30/100 with code–and the quality fluctuates greatly within one batch). PIs averaging around 500-700. With Prodisc, its around 20-30.

I like the prodisc’s production quality (never, EVER, had discs that were perfectly smooth around the edge like these), but the Ritek’s give me slightly better kprobe results (which are kinda meaningless anyway, as long as it plays without skipping).

But yeah, FS0F is prob the best right now for 411 (plus you could always flash it to an 811 later and go with HS0K). Also, you might want to speed hack the firmware for older media thats made well, get some 2X stuff to burn at 4X.

Lastly just remember, just because it burns ok and verifies the info, don’t mean it will play in your DVD player without skipping.


adds that in my personal experience, LiteOn seems have a wee bit of a bias in favor of +R

But yea, stay away from the cheap crap at Meritline and Shop4tech… I normally would not recommend those places b/c of how flooded they are with crap media. Personally, I like and better. :slight_smile:


Great advice, guys. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Verbatim (both DVD-R and DVD+R) from Mitsubishi Chemicals give me the best results (I have 411@811, fw. HS0K). Even better than Taiyo Yuden discs.