Never bored, with

hey I am ADHD…i get bored easy with almost everything I do like my computer and it appears that this site and a couple others have kept my attention for a while
I like change although most people don’t .Just try spending an hour or so in my brain and you will know what being in a dark room with a tornado slinging things around is like…

as for the sex…and being bored with it…yes i see that happening as well…after a while its ok …then its just down right almost work like…(then you add the fun stuff and liven it back up…{if you dont’ know what fun stuff is…PM me i’ll enlighten you})

Work is a necessity not something i just wake up and glad to get to go to…but now i have 2 different full time jobs and those tend to keep my mind from jumping around as much as it use to…

but I guess if i had to pick one thing not to be bored with …would be my friends…online and real life…without them I would be the crazy lady talking to my plants and poochie…:smiley:
WOW for such a simple question I sure wrote more than normal…oh well…i’m to lazy to delete …

Poor poochie :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t mind talking to her poochie too-eh!

Admit it. You want to be her poochie …

Make sure you get your nails clipped :stuck_out_tongue:

if he were my poochie…i’d have him neutered…and kept outside :stuck_out_tongue:

:eek: thats just awful ss makin him stay out side

whats so bad about it…hes all the time lickin his privates and farting…shouldn’t that be where i keep him?

:iagree: if he’s doin that then the dog house it is…