Never bored, with

What are the things that would never bore you?

What are we meant to write stuff here or just vote?

Feel free to do what you want :slight_smile: If there are oher things, you could name them for instance. What’s your pink elephant summoning material? Whisky?

Sooner or later one will get bored with everything.

Internet Reversi … friggin’ game is addicting. :wink:

… oh … and also clicking the “New Posts” link on CD-Freaks website. Hello, my name is Ninbang, and I’m a CD-Freak-aholic. :cool:

daft polls like this like to see what peeps vote ps the wearing of underpants on your head has been ommited from this p :iagree: oll

Video Games, books, CDFreaks, and, baby! Yeah! :smiley:


my computer

I have to admit its my computer (Its been that way for many years now). I just cannot imagine living without my darling :flower:

ROFL … makes me feel like Meat Loaf (in Fight Club) when he attends those AA meetings. :bigsmile:

Anything strong… or enough of anything weak… never alone with my iPod either… don’t care what anybody says, I still love it. Never alone with my thoughts either, sometimes its good just to reflect on whats going on, often you don’t have to think over important things because they are happening at the time you should be thinking.

Well Mr. B, I cannot believe you left out " a great movie" out of the list. After all, some of us, at least, must watch some of these DVDs we burn every day???

Oh, and change my vote to work. Without that I may as well be in a coma.


debros answers; my computer; cd freaks; S_S; chat (when talking); food; cruises

SS’s avatars!!!

After 20-40 years of marriage the “sooner or later” definition apply in this case as well.

Aye, and there’s answers for that too :wink:

Things are only fun to do because you know it’s going to end sometime… (Dutchies may recognise who I am quoting on this)

If you are told to go to bed and then you negotiate an extra 15 minutes of TV, you will enjoy those 15 minutes more than the 2 hours before that. If you are in a caroussel, you are enjoying it because you know it will end soon and you have to get out…If you stay in the caroussel too long, you don’t like it anymore and you want to get out…

After a week of hard work, it is great to lie on the sofa for a day, perhaps the whole weekend, but if you are sick and you are bound to the sofa for weeks, you will get tired of it eventually (some sooner than others).

Although I can really sink my teeth into my work, it is only fun to do as long as I know I can have some time for myself later on…

Everything gets boring after a while, some things sooner than others and some people get bored more easily than others…but in the end, everything gets boring some time.