Neuston announces stand-alone DVD/DivX player - another company

I just posted the article Neuston announces stand-alone DVD/DivX player - another company.

sguilly used our newssubmit to tell us that another manufacturer has released information about a stand-alone DVD/DivX player. The Singapore-based firm Neuston is planning to release the device in…

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You know, you can build a small form computer that can play divx’s for much less then these standalone divx players… and THEY can play any format divx as well as OGM and vp3 and any other strange codecs as well.

Could you please list the parts you’re talking about? I don’t see you building a small-form PC for under $350.

I think you could do it. Depends on how fast a processor were talking though. but even then, you can get a gig chip for less then $50. but the smallest case you could go is some small destop sort of thing, dvd drive, Vid card with TV out, and of course, 5.1 Dolby Surrond Sound Support card. I’d rather just buy the player I’d think.

You can build a machine for this sort of price. Buy a motherboard with onboard 5.1 surround sound (abit AT7 Max), cheap graphics card with tv out, Athlon XP 1300 CPU, 256megs of RAM. Price that up yourself by looking around. it should be close to that.

But how you going to get the system to autoplay and autoselect the contect on the disc??? Write your own program along with the boot time of the pc would p*** me off. Why not just buy and XBOX and a modchip?? :r