Neuros creates Unlocked trademark to promtoe DRM-free media

I just posted the article Neuros creates Unlocked trademark to promtoe DRM-free media.

Up until now, there is no clear way of telling if device that creates media (such as a PVR) infects the media with DRM restrictions. For example, many manufacturers happy promote the number of…

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The idea is great, but I dont see how the brand will become popular. An average 2-4 pack Joe never heard of DRM and dont care How his game is recorded and in which format. He will just go by price and maybe name, like “Sony is better”… The manufacturers will never bother unless Consumer reports will tell ppl to buy the unlocked. In fact I’m noticing that a consumer is becoming a product in itself which doesnt get brighter as it develops. Think about it. More and more privately owned family stores go broke as more walmarts open every day everywhere. Who cares you would ask? The small store that sold electronics was the last place where one could get a meaningful answer and some attention. What kind of an answer do you get today? “Uhmm… let me ask my manager”… Manager: "I dunno, but u can always return it within 90 days… " I dont even bother asking them anything. The manufacturers notice the dummying trend too. And so they adjust. Today I needed to get rechargeable batteries. On a pack of Rayo-something the only info I found is Ni-MH 1.2V made in China (or Taiwan) Of course they are cheap as dirt, but doesnt anyone care how long a camera will work from 1 charge, do you have to have a degree to look for Capacity? and yet I’m sure they will sell more of those for 7 bucks than Japanese made Duracell I bought on sale from $14 to $10 (2650 mAh) :d Well, anyway, the only way I see the consumer is taken care of is when there is legislation to make a seller provide full and complete information about the product or else it cannot be sold. For example, if you sell a stereo, you must inform the consumer about a dynamic and a frequency range, THD and so on, not only the max power. This way less garbage will have to be recycled tomorrow. Just my 2 cents, but the more ppl contribute, the better off we all will be :slight_smile: