I just signed up for this and seems to be working fine. Any hints on what not to do.
$9.95 platinum service
Stuck in the country so no other options. My other dial up service was slow.


I used them for a long time when they were free for 40 houls per month, and they were fine. The only thing I would check out is their limit on service. My current ISP, and many others, shut you off if you hit a certain number of hours in a 30 day period. I forgot mine did that and after a LOT of overnight downloads I got locked out for 6 days until their formula had my 30 day rolling total back below their max.


Thanks man! I pay and it says unlimited! But I am only online 4 hours each day on the weekends and 1 hour each weeknight!


You should be fine. BTW, they all say unlimited but if you try and stay online 24/7 you find the fine print in “unlimited” very quickly.