Networks scramble to create successful online TV show model

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 The idea  stated with ABC and Apple, to offer re-runs, sans commercials, of  television shows online. A nice idea, as Apple of course has a player and a  proprietary DRM already with a...
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Here’s a model that would make me (maybe even other people?) happy: TV shows are distributed via a BitTorrent-like system, more or less. If you want to download and not have to upload, you pay a small fee, but if you share what you’ve downloaded they can give you your money back for your bandwidth. The shows will contain ads, the “DRM” that’s applied will allow for unlimited copies and backups, but won’t allow any changes to the file (i.e., removal of ads). To keep the advertisers happy, ads can’t be skipped over during the first play of the file on a machine; subsequent plays could allow for full seeking. You’ve seen the ad already - would seeing the same ad again make you any more likely to buy that product?

Actually, a UK comedy tv show called “The IT Crowd” by Channel 4 in the UK is experimenting with a similar concept, but unfortunately whilst using the WMV drm, to limit the show to UK audiences using the Windows Media Player, for free, although that may change in the future!(curiously, interest in the show increased with mentions at both Digg and the Boing Boing Blog) Unfortunately , due to numerous unforseen circumstances , together with convenience to users of non windows powered computers, the DRM WMV/ XVID free versions of the first and only 6 episodes in Season 1, are travelling to all points, on the global internet via Bit Torrent! We truly live in changing times!:X