Networks and Network Adapters



I have 3 PC’s at home on a network and I’m having trouble with one.

I’ve tried the MS knowledge database but it might just as well be written in Chinese :confused:

What exactly is the purpose of the 1394 Network connection ? This Desktop (connected directly to the Internet) has one, so does the Laptop but the PC upstairs just shows a LAN connection.

This LAN connection disappears from time to time :frowning: .

Windows update offered an update, for the realtek adapter, which I downloaded and Hey Presto !!! no LAN or network at all :confused: :confused: :confused:

I removed this marvellous update and went to bed … I got up this morning and the LAN works again.

Anyway enough rambling, can somebody explain the differences between LAN and 1394 in terms that an English speaking human being can understand :bow:

ps I am using a cable network thru an ethernet switch


1394 is a fancy name for Firewire (or it may be the other way around).
Just deactivate it if you arent using it.


the 1394 connection is actually Firewire/IEEE 1394 which allows you to network. not many people use it to network except for very small LANs where Ethernet is unavaible.

Creative touted the network connectivity of FW/IEEE1394 with their Soundblaster cards but were mainly targeting gamers…