What is the cheapest and easiest way of networking three computers together without cables???

I have an epox 8RDA motherboard on two computers (its the one without networking(no network card )) and a dell dimension 4300 computer

The computers with the epox motherboard have winXP but the dell on has Win ME

Any suggestions

if youdon’t have network cards and you want to go wireless, probably a wireless router with a USB network card.

i don’t know how reliable USB is with wireless networking, and it’s probably not going to be THAT cheap to get 3 of them.

based on the setup you’ve described it sounds like that might be the only option, but it’s possible I’m wrong…

I stick to old fashioned wired networks myself…haven’t brought myself to believe in the reliability of wireless yet (although I know that’s perfectly irrational)

would this be a correct setup| :confused:
One computer with a USB network card connected to a wireless Broadband router;
Two other computers with Wireless network cards :confused:

Would this allow shared access between computers and shared internet access :confused:

Yes that would work. Just remember that wireless is slower then wire. You won’t notice anything on internet but if you want to transfer files or stream video you might notice it. Don’t worry the wireless will do just fine.

Reason: Nothing irrational in that thinking. Im hard wired. Yukon gig connections. Safe and fast. No neighbors poking around a wireless connection even if that wireless connection is protected. Somebody will always find a way to break in. Bk

I’m a hard-wired guy myself, but with the recent addition of my wife’s new laptop (business), I enjoy both worlds without any problems. It’s really not difficult to run some cat-5 cable around the house (trust me on this one, I’m lightyears from being a licensed electrician and I have 4 pcs plus the laptop all happily networked). Anyway, a Wireless-G Broadband Router will afford you 4 hard-wire ports as well as multiple wireless connections, plus it’ll give you a hardware firewall in addition to any software fw you may have. The router is capable of encoding data using 128-bit WEP encryption, but I know little about this and could care less. I live off the coast in Maine, where I’m not too worried about the locals - turkeys, coyotes and deer, eavesdropping.

Anyway, not knowing your situation, you can pick up my router…a Liinksys “WRT54G” on sale this week at officemax for $39.99 (sale + rebate)…with this, you can go wired, wireless or both. As posted above, “wired” home networking is substantially faster, and the wireless cards are gonna cost you as reasonsnotrules pointed out.

Here’s a link:

Good luck

The only thing with going wired is that I have to have the cables all around the hallways and rooms :frowning: (or drill through the walls :Z )
and I live in south west wales my self on a farm so no worries about eavesdopping :disagree: unless you count our sheep (the internet porn encourages them!! :rolleyes: ) lol

The router I mentioned will do both wired and wireless. You can connect your “main” system directly to the cable modem with a cat 5 cable, that way you’ll save on at least one wireless card (last ethernet card cost me about $10 US)…if I follow you correctly.

You know, now that you mention it, my neighbor’s black lab has a “shifty” look about him…maybe I should encrypt the data. So, is it true that the sheep over there bolt at the sound of a “zipper”?.. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is mint: A wired dog LOL :flower:

I was thinking about getting the wrt54g anyway (big coincidence eh)

so I am waiting for my paycheck at the mo(I have a problem with my graphics card at the mo I think so I might need another one of them first F*g stfk)

and yes they do bolt at the sound of a zipper (but as long as you’ve got their legs in your wellies they can’t go anywahere lol)