Networking with ethernet cable


having tried to network my pc and laptop wirelssly for over 8 months i have now had to admit defeat and give up-despite the excellent help from the members here

my local pc shop (pcworld) have now sold me an ethernet cable (rj45) and have claimed that it is all i need to join my pc to my laptop for sharing files and the interet etc.

however as usual i have had no success at all i belive that i need some more hardware so could anyone confirm whether this is the case and advise me pleasemany many thanks to all


To network you need the folowing equipment:

more than one computer

for every computer you have they need a network card (wireless or otherwise)

If you have more then one computer then you need a hub

If it is just 2 computers then you need just a crossover cable (which plugs directly into each computer.

If you have broadband you can share the internet with either a modem connected to any pc or one connected to the hub. Hub with built in modems are called routers and this is the preferred method if you have more than 2 computers as anyone at any time can surf the net without being reliant on another computer.

Once you have set up your network, you will need to configure windows.

This is the fun part and probably the reason why so far you have failed to make your net - work (excuse the pun :smiley: )

If every computer has xp then, great as this will make life soooo easy for yourself. One thing you have to make sure is that every computer is on the same workgroup (you can set this up by right clicking on my computer, clicking properties and hitting the computer name tab) THEY ALL MUST BE ON THE SAME WORKGROUP TO SEE EACHOTHER. you might have to reboot.

I won’t go into further detail however until you tell us what configuration you have as this reply could get very long…

I need to know what os u have on each comp, what hardware you bought, have many computers, etc etc

after reading your post again :o (really should get in the habit of reading before replying) i can see that you only want to connect your laptop to your pc?

For that all you will need is a network card in each comp, and a crossover cable.

Plug one end of the crossover cable into the laptop and the other end into the pc.

Now check they are on the same workgroup and that should be it. If you go onto network propertites you should be able to see eachother.

For your internet this depends on what your isp is and whether it’s ordinary dialup or bradband?

:cop: Oh and this really is the wrong forum for these types of questions, so don’t be surprised when this gets moved to the HARDWARE section :cop:

You might have to set different IPs to each system too, and set the firewall if any accordingly :wink:

While I agree with all posts above…important fact missing unless I missed it.

  1. crossover cable between just 2 machines, no hub or switch…yes

  2. ethernet card installed and working each machine…yes

  3. same workgroup both…yes.

  4. if windows OS, you must have drive sharing turned on for one machine to see the other machines hard drive and transfer files…:slight_smile:

Without drive sharing on…one machine will see the other machine, but not it’s drive/drives. No transfer from one to the other.

Hope this helps…:slight_smile:

thids is very late of me but please accept my apols for non-replying as i have been abroad for a while.

i have a company coming round soon in order to install wireless cards etc and get everything up and running for me.

it was kind of you to try to help me-many thanks