Networking USB-Only modems?

(Networking moron here)

I’m helping to set up a wireless network for a friend, but his broadband modem has only USB output. Since the router requires Ethernet input, I can’t network them.

What I think is required is something that hooks into the computer via Ethernet which will access the internet through the main computer’s connection, and is connected to the router.

Anyone have any idea how to do this, or something else to get the (wireless) network running?

If you are using Window’s and the pc’s are already networked can’t you simply plug usb modem into one pc as server pc and use window’s network wizard to share connection using window’s ICS?

and the pc’s are already networked

They aren’t, but we could probably could.

Windows networking wizard allows that? With 98SE and XP connecting? Cool.

as you would already know SDG 98 wont be able to see the ntfs but you will be able to share the connection

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen routers that accept the USB output from the modem, but for the sake of a better connect, i’d replace the modem.