Networking Question

I’m don’t know where this type of question belongs, so I apologize if it’s in the wrong forum.

Anyhow, my WRT54G Linksys router was causing me problems so I reset it then changed the SSID but when I search for wireless networks, the router is broadcasting my new SSID and the old SSID. There are no connection issues as I can connect fine to the new SSID. Also, I am running Vista SP1 for your information.

My question is, how do I delete the old SSID and stop it from being broadcast? Thank you in advance to any helpful replies.

You probably didn’t fully reset it. Try holding down the reset button for a full 30-60 seconds with the power jack unplugged.

I think this is a bug in Vista…

I sometimes find an SSID of an old beacon listed as available when browsing for a new beacon or after just changing the beacon name. If you try and connect to the old beacon it should fail but work when connecting to the new one.

Rather a bug with your WLAN driver