Networking problem

I currently have three computers networked together in an office environment. We are running a specialized program (scheduling, billing, etc.)on one of them that is essentially the “server”. The other two also have the same software installed, but access data from this main computer and are basically “workstations”. Recently, the workstations have been DIRT slow accessing data on the server computer. I talked to the company’s tech support and determined that it isn’t the software on the workstations that is the problem, but rathr something is wrong regarding data flowing along the network itself. The router we are using is a NETGEAR WGR614. Internet access, file and printer sharing is fine on the workstations (and server PC). Also, certain ports have been opened up on the workstation as instructed by the company’s tech department. Windows firewall has been turned off as well. Is there anyway of determining what the problem is and how to correct it?

Ofcourse the software manufacturer is going to blame the hardware setup. If all the other file and print sharing is fine, I would suspect the software you are using. I have use ACT! Contact database and if all users are on the master database on the server at the same time it begins to slow down. It is worse if I have not cleaned up the database for a few weeks.