Networking problem, and possible solution?

Ok, heres what I want done. I have 4 computers in my house, I have 5 IPs available from my ISP, I do NOT want to NAT a single IP for all 4 computers. I have cablemodem>Linux>Switch>3 other computers. I want my external interface on Linux, lets call it eth0, to grab 4 IPs via DHCP, eth0 grabs one IP, that one will only go to Linux itself, eth0:0 grabs another and 1:1 NATs to computer 1, ie, then eth0:1 grabs another and 1:1 NATs to computer 2, etc. This way I have 4 unique IPs, so I can connect to outside the lan game servers with no NAT issues (because the comps are actually different WAN ips). I should also be able to have a server running on comp 1 and comp 2 on the same port with no issues. This is my theoretical setup. Is this possible and will it work, and if so… Does anyone know how to set this up? :slight_smile: If not, can someone point me to a good, friendly Linux board to perhaps look for some answers at?


I wish I could give you some good and clear answers, but I can’t.

What I CAN tell you, is that this is possible. You may find your answer at Just one thing: if you find an answer, please let us know how :slight_smile:

(for all the other readers: if you got any hint or whatever, please post!)