Networking Noob - Sharing

OK, so I am a total networking noob. The way my network is setup, which I assume is pretty much standard, is DSL-modem to WRT45G router to wired desktop PC, and then my Satellite notebook (integrated wireless). Internet works great on both systems, and I am using WEP security, so the router will only talk to this individual laptop. That being said, I am NOT sure how to set up file/print sharing. I’ve run the sharing setup wizard on both systems (PC = XP Home, Satellite = XP MCE), but can’t see the other system. Both systems are running ZoneAlarm firewall. I didn’t see any sharing type settings there…I did add the router address to the trusted zone. What am I missing? And please, guide me in noob-talk. :slight_smile:
Thank you

If I remember correctly, you will have to add the router address range to the safe zone in ZoneAlarm to be able to see the other pc’s.