Networking Guru's HELP!

ok fellas i just got a new asus p4c800-E-DELUX mobo and a P4-2.8C.I have my old system thats a Celeron 1.7 on a via P4m266A motherboard (along with cab)
i want to ask(It may sound Foolish) whether it is possible to connect the two systems via usb instead of the connecting via a netwrk card…cause i heard a usb port is very fast(i suppose both mobo’s have USB 2.0)
i don’t plan to experiment cause i just got the mobo today…thats 13/dec…
Any help will be apreciated.

Sure, when making use of a special USB2.0 networkcable (a special USB2.0 cable that can be put between two computer equipped with an USB 2.0 port) you can use this connection for a 480mbit connection.

Allthough this is quite nice, I would not advice it, as it is not that fast as it should be (480mbit is never reached) and those cables are quite expensive. If you want real speed you better invest the money in two Gbit network cards (cost about $30 a piece), as they are more than three times faster… and they always work (USB 2.0 networking works only good with certain Windows versions, perhaps with Linux and MacOS as well…).

Thanks Buddy…i 'll give it a thought…:bow: