Networking choices?



I currently have a work computer I want to be able to network with from my home PCs and/or laptops. It has WinXP Professional installed along with a NETGEAR 4 port wireless router (WGR614 V3). I’m trying to figure out the best option to go about networking these together. Should I go with a service like or www.remotelyanywhere. Or will a VPN solution work? If a VPN is a good way, where can I go to learn more about configuring everything. Also, I want to basically be able to access the work computer remotely as if I was in front of its desktop, therefore controlling or running all application and files/folders.


Dameware is great and free.


“You are welcome to download and test-drive all of our products absolutely free for 30 days! If you like the software, you can purchase it on-line!”
Ultr@VNC is on the otherhand free and works fine.


umm, guess thats recent, they were always free before

I have older versions that were freeware and available on sourceforge. But before posting anything, I must verify to see the last freeware version of their software so as to not make any illegal downlaods available here :wink:

Also my domainis having issues atm… :frowning:


There’s also the free open source openVPN


Dameware has never been freeware as far as I know.