Networking an xbox to a pc?

How do I network an xbox using Carxtion 4?

Never heard of anyone doing it with Craxton. Heard of people doing it with Qwix though. I personally prefer FlashFXP as it is the only program that consistantly gets along with my XBOX.

Same way as other FTP programs. You have to set up config in xbox and then in pc(nic card or router). Is your box moded? If not, it will not work.

Yeah my xbox is soft modded? I heard all you do is just take off the static ip and reboot the xbox then use the ip address it give you then connect it to the pc.

That should do it.


when i had dial up my xbox connected easy now i have broadband and it keeps saying it wont connect please help

We need more info. Are you connecting via a router, crossover cable? What FTP program, what settings?

I was wondering if u could also help me. I can connect viaa flash FXP for transfers but when I use xbmc to try and stream media directly from my PC I get anetwork not detected msg. I am currently using a xbox 1.6 connecting direct to my pc via a crossover cable. As I said I use flashfxp and that works fine. If you could tell me wot settings u need to know, I will post them. Thanx
btw, I have tried adding a ‘TEST’ file to my shared docs>sharedmusic/video folders but as i say, it isnt recognising that I have a network created but yet it still ftps and transfers both ways.