Networking an xbox and pc

hi, i am new to xbox andi have recently bought a modded xbox. i have also bought a switch and have connected it all to my comp and internet. thats where my probs start.

i have downloaded flashfxp but i dont knoe how to use it, i have entered the ip addy of my xbox and it just wont connect. i need someone to help me connect to my xbox and/or offer suggestions and tips

any help would be most appreciated

Router or Crossover cable are the only way to make a transfer. To my knowledge a simple switch won’t do. anyways the way I do it is the following:

  1. Open up FlashFXP
  2. On the right hand side of the screen click on the lightning bolt icon and select “Quick Connect”
  3. When the Quick connect box pops up enter in the following:

Server or URL: Insert your XBOX IP address here
Port: 21
Username: xbox
Password: xbox

  1. Select Connect

BTW you don’t have a disc in your XBOX or anything when you try to network, right? It should just be sitting in the main menu of your dashboard (ie Evox, Unleash X, Avalaunch).

hey i recently bought a modified xbox n i have hooked it up to my pc (correctly i think) i have an ethernet cable running from the xbox into the modem (the modem has a router in it) and the computer is also hooked up to the router. the xbox has a modchip and has an avalaunch dashboard on it as well as an FTP program and i have FlashFXP on my computer. i have went to quick connect typed in IP, user name and password and it keeps connecting…connected…connection failed (connection lost) and it does this repeatedly. any suggestions??? am i doing something wrong?