Networking an xbox and pc

I know this has been asked a lot but i still need help. I got a bunch of questions that needs answering so all help will be appreciated.

1)Do you need a modchip to transfer from xbox to pc?
2)Do you need evox to transfer the files or can you use the standard microsoft one?
3)Do you need to be connected to a modem or internet for transferring from the xbox to pc?
4)How do you network the xbox to the pc(hardware side)?
5)How do you setup the network on the pc (software side)?

This is what i have tried so far but it didnt work, connected the xbox to my pc nic card with a rj45 cable. Then i tried to make anew connection and asked on a lan but i couldnt find the xbox there.

Thx for all your time and help

  1. No you don’t you can soft mod an xbox with linux using the 007/mechassault/splinter cell hack provided its not a v1.6 xbox, look at this site for all the details

This means that you don’t have to open it and install a modchip so long as you have a way of transferring xbox saves from pc to xbox (i use action replay) and either one of the games splinter cell, mechassault or 007 agent under fire. You can get those hacked saves from the site above.

  1. You can use evox, this can be installed on the xbox using the softhack method. Once you install a full linux distrubution on your xbox, you can ftp to it and transfer files beween the two, you do this by giving the xbox an ip address and gateway address (which you can only do when you install all this).

  2. No, you just have to have a crossover cable connected between pc and xbox, or you can connect them through a router if you haven’t got a crossover cable and then you can ftp to. If you connect the xbox to the internet after you do the softhack (if you do it) then microsoft will probably ban you and they will also maybe update your dashboard (thats the menu you get when you turn it on with nothing in the drive) which would disable the 007/mechassault/splinter cell hack.

  3. Just use a crossover cable or hook them both up to a router.

  4. To access the xbox once you’ve connected it (and modded it or soft hacked it, you can’t do it without doing one of those first) just use a ftp program like flashfxp, and type in the ip address of the xbox (that you’ve given it), user name xbox, password xbox (sometimes is user name root, password xbox), done.

Is that any help?

actually, i forgot to mention, you can telenet to the xbox (ftp) if you load up the emergency linux distrubution, this is found on the xbox linux site, it runs a 2mb linux os that allows you to ftp to the xbox to transfer files, however this is only really used if your dashboard is 5659 or greater, so that you can install an older version of the dashboard or the bert and ernie font hack. This is done in the same way as above, using mechassault. If you want more details and a better explination just ask, i know i haven’t explained this in crystal clarity, i’m just in a bit of a rush. Or look at

thx a lot youve really helped me out. Just another quick question is there anyway to give or find out the ip gateway address of the xbox on the default microsoft hud?

Not true anymore. ALL Xboxes, including the 1.6 and new 1.6b can be softmodded via the ude/uxe. Check the exploit/softmod forum at I just modded a 1.6 for a friend over the weekend. You can run any dash of choice (evox, unleashX) on any kernel/dash version.

oh yeah sorry forgot about that, i was thinking purly in terms of the 007/mechassault/splinter cell hack. In my case i had to downgrade the dashboard to 4920 and then use the mechassault hack, real pain, i was hoping just to do the hack and that would be it!

The default xbox ip address is if i’m not mistaken, although i think you can change it if you go into settings, then network settings, ip address, select manual, and change the settings. If your connecting the xbox to the pc directly using a crossover cable then set the gateway address to the ip address of your pc, otherwise set it the ip address of your router.

hello all, i was just wondering if there was a way to network a freshly modded xbox with out any apps on it so i could flash it from the network? any help would be extremly appreciated

hook up the xbox to your pc with a crossover cable, or if you haven’t got one of those then connect your pc and xbox through a router. Download a program called flash fxp ( ), you get a 30 day free trial. Now start up flash fxp, click on quick connect, type in the xbox ip address (default is, but you can change it if you have evox or something similar) plus the user name (xbox) and password (xbox) and it should connect up. From there you can delete folders, move them, add files etc etc.

well i tried that and it didn’t exactly work for me, but i’m using a switch? would that throw me off, this is what i did, i opened up flash fxp, hit quick connect and entered the imformation that you told me to, and about the passwords, are they defaulted or are they unique to each xbox? well i entered it and it said connection failed. any more ideas? also i’m just trying to flash the bios as of right now since i can’t seem to get the dvd rom to read the disk, it just goes to a screen with the cd rom label and stops, is that a case of not being able to read the disk or is there something else wrong with it?

i had a lot of problems initially when i tried to ftp to my xbox as well. I’ll go through some of the things that might block you. If you have something like zonealarm, then it might block flash fxp from connecting to anything, this happened to me for ages and i couldn’t figure out why my browser would connect but not flash fxp, zonealarm didn’t even tell me the program wanted permission i had to go and set it manually (you can check if thats the case by going here on your browser ftp://xbox:xbox@ ).

Secondly, as far as i understand it, you need to have a modded xbox (either soft modded or hard modded, or with the emergency linux running) to access it via ftp, you mentioned that its got a modchip, does it have evox or something similar? If you have evox what might be stopping you is that maybe your network is running DHCP and its not set to DHCP, in which case you want to edit the network settings in evox (or whatever you have). I think that you can maybe edit your network settings in the original dashboard to, so if you wanted DHCP you could do it that way i’m sure.

All xbox passwords are the same, there not unique.

What make is the disk, is it dvd+r, -r, cdr etc etc? An what make of drive do you have, you can find out here ? Usually you would just get a read disk error if the disk was incompatible.

is ther a way to soft mod my xbox through a system link cable. English only, no techie jargon

Not exactly. The deal is that the installer (at least the Krayzie’s soft mod installers) are game saves. You transfer them from your PC to an AR2 (Action Replay 2) and from there you load it onto an XBOX memory card and then load the game save from the memory card onto the harddrive. Then put in the original disc and run as usual. Go into the load options in the game as if you were going to load a regular saved game and select the option that says “Run Linux” Select it and it will walk you through the softmod install process.

ok, thx, i was just wondering. I was also wondering , once i mod my box, how do i get files from my pc to it. Can i just use the windows network tool?

thx, also, can i set up a network between my box and my PC just like i would if it was 2 comps, or do i need a special program

srry bout dbl post, my comp is screwed up

@sir_steel6: you can hook an XBOX up like any normal networking device. Using any FTP client should be fine to transfer files!

I know most (including myself) have had the best luck using FlashFXP. I’ve tried several FTP programs and it seems to be the only one that gets along well with my XBOX/Computer network.

Others should work fine too, but FlashFXP is considered to be the best FTP client available.

Yup, others do work for some people but as a whole FlashFXP seems to be the most compatible with the XBOX.

I looked through the FAQ and this thread but did not see anything similar. . . . I tried to connect my modded xbox with a patch cable and through a wireless network but it says my ip addr. is “ err x” when I unplug the patch cable it says no connection. any help would be greatly appreciated.