Networking a xp x64 and vista x32



right i am expanding my home network, at the min i have 2 xp x64 costom built one conected to the hub the second through a lan to the 1st and then hub, and a vista advent laptop conected to the hub.

i am trying to shere files back and fowerd over the network instead of useing pen drives. the 2 xp x64’s comunacat perfectly on a peer to peer. hawever i am having trouble geting the vista laptop involved in this, i have got it to a piont of the vista will not find or reconize the xp’s, but the primary xp fineds the vista (only wen asked to shurch for it, though i naw have a shourtcut on descktop) and nows wen i change any shered file. but wen i ask the xp to accsess the files i want it says basicly accsess denaiyed, obviously cart try vista accsessing xp files coz it sayes it dont exist (even wen surched for)

can anyone tell me were i need to work? as this is giving me a head ache lol.

as always thank for any feed back i still need to hook up a xp x32 laptop but hope that will be easyer lo thanx ppl love ya all



Here is some pretty detailed instructions:


thanx will read, try, an get bck thanx


this dosnt work, have done all theys steps will start from beginin an redo all ive done. but im runing xp x64 which desent have the llda or something so i have hade to open firewalls an all that will have a look in a mine need food any other idias would be apreshated thanx all


32 bit or 64 bit will not make a difference they are shareable, even the OS does not make a difference ,files can be shared between all types of OS all the time.

I would suggest a step by step go thru and see if something was missed.

Another guide:


think ive got it sussed can now access all vista from the 1st xp will be Abel to work the rest out hopefully

thank you