For a local netwerk does the name of WORKGROUP be the same ?



No it doesn’t have to be.
The only thing you have to make sure is that you all have an IPX/SPX protocol and work on the same ethernet address.
Also make sure all ip’s are matching(well not exactly ofcourse) that’s mainly important if your planning to play games.

More information then you asked for but I thought it might be usefull. If you want to know more ask me.



I always use following procedure:

  1. remove ALL network drivers from ‘network settings’, reboot and install the newest driver available for your cards. Add client for microsoft networks and service for file and printer sharing.
  2. add TCP/IP and fill in a different IP Number for each workstation (example / ~101 and ~102 , use netmask always and no gateway
  3. add IPX/SPX
  4. add NetBEUI
  5. using the same workgroup name makes you can see each other in the ‘root’ folder of the network neigbourhood.

Hope this helps



at home i usually only use tcp/ip and leave all settings at normal (obtain ip address automatically - using a linux dhcp server)
and i don’t install netbeui and ipx only if needed (starcraft)


everybody who replyed to my question…THANKS!



Well… first of all: Don’t install IPX/SPX (unless you’ve got some network applications which need this prot.) NETBEUI ain’t nessasary eighter, unless you are connected to a NT-server…

OK, now the TCP/IP shit…
Only use a dynamic IP if you are connected to a DHCPserver… If you don’t know what I’m talkin about… Your probably not… In this case take an IP in the range
(where the x has gotta be differend at each pc in this LAN) Use this subnetmasker:
Disable WINS and DNS (unless you WNAT to use it for some reason) Leave your Gateway open, unless your LAN is connected to a Proxyserver… in this case, use the IP of your server (the internal IP!) as the gateway… (so this probably will be… Only use file-sharing if you really want to… If you’re connected to the Internet, and you’ve got this option enabled… even the dumbest hacker will be able to break into your system…

Well… That’s it I guess… If you’ve still got some questions, just ask me… I’ll answer them for you!


Well… Now we’re talking about TCP/IP…
If got a question…

Some friend of mine has running a Proxyserver at home under win98se (WRONG!, I know… =) ) I think it ain’t possible to have DNS enabled at the first adapter, and disabled at the second one… Am I right?