Network split on 2 pc | PC1 internet from lan+internet with DHCP

i need to split internet on 2 pc , 1-st is connected to internet by local network with DHCP (win XP), i tray to connect laptop (win XP) be setting share network connection on 1 and creating network with 2-nd… still i cant acces to internet, pc’s can ping each other… it’s bizzare i can ping from PC2 some server from internet if only i ping same sarver on pc1 before, i trayed to use analogX (PC1) and configurate PC2-proxy it works for www but, i need to run on pc2 mmorpg game (yes items … i need sometimes to switch items between chars and i canonly do it by mayself … yes some1 can help me with it but … there is only 3 ppl i can trust on this server and they arent often online) i tryed to use sockcaps but i cant connect with it 2 game.

i set connection sharing on pc 1
configurate ip’s on both pc and on same mask, gate on pc2 is pc1

i’m was traying to set DNS servers on PC2 (same as pc1), even try to set ip PC1 for dns, but still can acces 2 internet

i cant run linux on Pc1 (because of game ;P)

pls help:P after caple h i dont have patience even to write complite settings i’have tried;p