Network shares not showing up

I have 3 computers on a network - two windows xp pro’s and a mandrake 10. im trying to use the mandrake one to view the files on one of the xps. i can find/view shared folders on the OTHER xp computer, but not the one i want.

i believe this is because i have my router set to DMZ on the computer that i cannot see. however, both of the windows xp computers can see each other on the network, and share files between themselves.

i was using smb4k to browse the files. any suggestions appreciated - other than “does DMZ really need to be enabled?” and “go back to windows noob” :smiley:

What if you connect directly to the computer’s ip and share?

Are you trying to share by IP or Computer names?


XP is picky when it comes to sharing, I just set up a small network with ALL XP machines.
Did you enable the guest account?
Try the following:
Enable the guest account.
In computer management, set a password for the guest account, make it blank.
Then you can turn off guest account if you want.
Also in XP-XP machines, create users from the XP machine you are connecting from.
Give them administartive rights.
Make sure all shared folders are in the everyone group, in both sharing and security tabs.
This will be much easier if in windows explorer you disbale simple file sharing under the tools menu.
Tools -> Folder options -> last option in the list
See if that helps, post any error messages you get.

i am sharing by computer names at the moment. when i browse my workgroup under windows xp, both xp computers are there. when i browse the same workgroup using mandrake with smb4k, only the one appears.

now, after messing the the config in smb4k and the resetting it to the defaults again, it only can view the computer that i want it to view. while this is what i wanted, im confused as to why i cannot view them both at the same time.

when i typed in the computer’s ip address on the network, it found the right pc, but dropped the other one. i rescanned the network, and it dropped them both. so i reset it to the beginning - no ips, query the host for shares, and it found the one i wanted. looks like i need to $>man sambaconf or something

Are both in the same workgroup?

I am not much of a Linux person, but I do not think Linux has workgroups?

Is L2TP protocol installed in Windows?
Is it somehow or does it somehow need to be enbaled in your router? I seen dome routers with this option within that needs to be checked off.
What router do you have?
Maybe a port for L2TP needs to be open.

Am I correct to say that any PC under DMZ Host works with Linux?

Samba (Linux itself doesn’t have any support at all for SMB) will most likely care as much as Windows does about workgroups.

DMZ is NOT need under any circumstances when the computers are connected internally.

@ xtacydima
What makes you think that he runs a VPN?


Ooops, bad habit because I do and when my friends have probs its in the usual suggestion rundown of what to check for.

linux does not afaik use workgroups, but samba can recognize them across the network.

not true at all.