"network request not supported" error



I'm getting a weird error message when i try to read a data cd (through windows explorer) that i just burnt using nero. I get-

f:\ is not accessible
network request is not supported

The problem is that nero reads the disk (in the same cd drive) if i boot up the program and read it through that.
Also my dvd drive reads the cd,
but the drive that was used to burn the cd can't read it!
And this drive has no problems reading other cds.

It just don't make no sense.

I have a feeling that inCD is the culprit but i can't work out how to disable it.

Any ideas? Thanx

Here's what i'm using:
liteon 32123s burning a 700mb cd-r on win2000 using nero and inCD 3.24.3 and ASPI32 v4.6


Try opening and closing the drive tray before reading the disc or uncheck “Don’t eject the CD after burning is finished” in Preferences | Expert Features.