Network Question

I have two routers one is wired and other wireless. I am wondering is it possible to limit what you can download and upload on one computer and to maxmize on the other computer. If it is possible please let me know I am using windows xp thanks

Not sure I follow your question. What are you trying to do, limit access, file types, bandwidth, or something else?


You could use an app like NetLimiter which can control the up/download throughput by process or overall. Run it on the computer you wish to limit.
There maybe other ways but I’ve got this so that’s what I know will work.

What I mean is I am sharing the internet connection with my friend but i am paying for it. I don’t have access to computer cause he is in the basement so what i want to do since i have the router and modem is there anyway i can limit what he downloads and uploads from my computer mean can i configure network so he can only download like 30mb per something.

Not without having admin access on HIS machine, and him NOT having admin access. If he has admin, he can turn off the limit. If he WON’T turn the bandwidth limit off, then the, “NetLimiter,” progie that TimC was speaking of should work fine. If he WON’T agree to limiting his bandwidth and not jacking it back up, CAT-5 cables are REAL EASY to unplug from routers! :wink: