Network problems -win2k pro

Guys, having this problem and could do with a hand or at least some ideas. Cheers

PC1 : win2k, IP:, workgroup:workgroup

PC2 : win98 or winXP. IP: 192.168.1.(3-30), Workgroup: workgroup.

(NOTE: is an ADSL router)

Win2k machine basicaly acts as a print server. Now the problem is from the win2k pc i can ping each and every other PC on the network…but i cannot ping the win2k machine from ANY pc on the network. This would usually make me assume that some sort of firewall is blocking…but i cannot see any firewall software installed.

Any ideas or suggestions would be great. Cheers

The pcs can see each other in network neighbourhood and open/view and shared drives, this is because netbios/netBEUI is active (i presume)