Network problem

hy,i have a major problem : i have an adsl modem ( Huawei SmartAX MT882) and a wireless router d-link dl-524 …i have and adsl connection…so my problem is this: i want to have internet on my pc and on my laptop…and i dont know how to do it…how to wired the modem and router, or to make the settings…or,it is possible?? plz can u help me…i appreciate

the modem supplies the signal/data to the router, so you have to set up the connections in the router menu…

Try typing [B][/B] into your browser’s address bar to “log onto” your router and therefore access all it’s settings.
You may need a username and/or a password…check with your ISP.

Nope, try with http:/// in the browser URL.

Yeah, that looks better :o

Some modems can be set in either router mode or bridge mode, and the modem needs to be set to bridge mode if it’s not already. If you have an internet connection with modem only connected, run “ipconfig” to find the “default gateway.” That will be the numbers you need to enter in the browser to enter modem setup where the mode can be changed, i.e. unless it’s a bridge only modem in which case no changes are needed. It may prompt for a username and password which should be either “admin” for both or possibly “admin” for username and “password” for password if it’s a new modem or one for which username and password hasn’t been changed.

Don’t forget to use “nslookup” and “net route”… :wink:

thank u guyz…i did it…the problem was the settings between the modem and the router…i had to put the modem to bridge mode…and to set up the pppoe connection on the router…and everything went perfect!! so,thanks again…