Network problem!

I have two PC’s

One OS Win ME
One OS Win 2000 (of course)

I was trying to install a network but didn’t succeed!

Things that I did

  • I’ve added the username of the Win Me machine in Win2000 to give it acces to my hd

  • Both are on a workgroup

Ip and Subnet are ok!
IP Subnet

Someone can help me out!

P.S. The HUB and Cards are ok, it’s just the combination Win Me and Win 2000! Win Me - Win Me works and Win 2000 - Win 2000 works also but not Win Me - Win 2000

Win2k = WinMe worked fine with me. Make sure you have readable names for both(!) pcs.
And make sure that the cards configured probarply.

What do you suggest for readable names?

The cards are ok!

all lowercase names without spaces

Maybe use a proxy program…

I will try it! :slight_smile: