Network password for a shared hard drive



Ok, basicly on this (main) computer I have 2 internal hard drives, one is to be used a “file server” for the other computers. I have shared the whole second hard drive, and it works fine across the wireless network. I am however worried about security, is there any basic software I can use just to password the whole hard drive, or the files in it, so I just enter the password again on the other computers to access the files. I dont want to have the whole network encypted. I considered making a RAR file, and dropping all the files in there, but it to a long time to compress/decompress, even on “Store” mode.

Any ideas?

Ben :slight_smile:


This depends on the Operating System and file system.
If the computer with the shares is running Windows XP with NTFS then all that would be required is to disable Simple File Sharing.

This would force logon when accessed from any other computers.
Accounts would need to be created on the share computer for each computer that requires access and appropriate permissions can be managed for each created account.