Network file transfer program?

Maybe this doesn’t even exist. I want to be able to easily transfer files from computer to computer over a network (very large files). I also need it to be on a networking for dummies level. Hopefully, It would be something where I don’t have to keep going from computer to computer to set stuff up. I have not gotten anything software level to work, so I have gone to hardware solutions. I tried a netgear network storage enclosure and it was misrable (couldn’t get it to recognise the drive, and if you read the reviews, its a pos and has that problem). I’m currently running a belkin network usb hub (that allows hard drives), but it is 1-2MBps max so it wont work.

Here is what I am trying to do. My htpc in the front room has about 1.8 TB of storage and I’m trying to move video to it. Tv reception is much better in the back room so its easier to capture. For that matter, any dealing with files is easier in the backroom as standing in front of the entertainment center gets tedious. I just want to create new video (ripping and converting dvd to mp4 or whatever), then transfer it all to the htpc. I may want to do personla video’s and photos too. At the moment, I have a few hundred gig of random files I need to transfer and there is more every day. I already got streaming video down (so I can watch anything on the htpc in the bedroom over the network), I just cannot move or modify files.
As I’m an idiot when it comes to networking (spent most of my life using multiple computers on kvm switches), I have tried out everything I could find but hope that I’m missing something easy to transfer files.

So am I hosed?

Cross over cable?

[QUOTE=Bob;2054992]Cross over cable?[/QUOTE]

I actually have one of those and did that with vnc networks, but is there an easy way to use one, just to transfer files (and what software do I use)?

[QUOTE=ripit;2054999]I actually have one of those and did that with vnc networks, but is there an easy way to use one, just to transfer files (and what software do I use)?[/QUOTE]I’ve never really messed with what you are wanting to do. In XP with a cross over cable i would think you could just add the files you want to share and go for it?

My pc’s are networked via a switch, but I transfer files all the time, using windows explorer… I just copy and paste…

I actually got it working but I don’t know how I did it. I made the same changes to settings to make drives shared as I did before, but this time it mysteriously worked where it didn’t in the past. I suspect that it may have been firewall settings that have been giving me all the problems. I recently installed a network usb hub (that plugs into the router), and the software for it changed the firewall settings on my computers. I can only guess that is what made changes that allows it to work now. Regardless, I can now move/del/write files on one computer from the other one so all is good. I just wish I know for sure what the problem was in case I have that problem in the future.