Network connection problem

Hi :slight_smile:

I have a very annoying issue with network connections. This is the setup:

PC 1 --> Router (wired connection)

PC 2 --> Router (wired connection)

The router has a 4 port gigabit switch.

Both computers can connect to internet with no problems. Both computers have shared directories and connections work perfectly.

The problem starts when I reboot PC 2. After reboot is complete, I can connect PC 2 to PC 1 (i.e. I can see the shared directories with no problems), but PC 1 is not able to see anymore PC 2: I get a “the path was not found” error :doh:

The only way to solve this issue is reboot PC 1 too.

Both computers have Win 7 64 Ultimate.

The weird thing is that if I reboot PC 1, PC 2 is still able to see it when I try to access shared directories and no reboot for PC 2 is needed.

This problem happens only in PC 1 :doh:

I have no idea what can be the cause. Only a reboot can solve the issue, but it is a very annoying solution, because to reboot I have to stop everything running in PC 1 (not funny if I’m encoding an mkv file and waste hours of work :doh: )

Any ideas about what can be the cause? What confuse me is that both computers have the same operative system with the same settings, but of course there must be something working wrong in PC 1.

Any suggestion is welcome

Thanks :slight_smile:

That sounds like a problem I have intermittent with my laptop seeing my desktop network drives. I usually let the laptop sit for a while and then try to look at the desktop network shared drives and can see them again. But I do know that my desktop and laptop have the same workgroup name. And I have them setup as home group with security connections. I have like 3 laptops and a Netgear dsl router and desktop plus two network printers and the desk and laptop can connect to the internet without problems but if the desktop is off or in sleep mode the laptops will not be able to see the network drives unless the desktop is active. You problem seem similiar to mine but I do know having them on the same homegroup and network group for my usage help them communicate and transfer data back and forth without problems. It’s just that sometimes during laptop needs to communicate with the router before being able to connect to the desktop network drives. I also have W7x64 and W7x86 Ultimate for the O/S. I would check to see if your workgroup and homegroup matches on both computers and rather then reboot but do a reboot like you did but let #2 reboot and competely get to desktop and loading all it’s programs and then try to use #1 to see if you can see #2. I would say wait a few minutes like 5 min and see if the connection doesn’t come back.

Thanks for answer :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about domain (actually I have no idea if a domain is set or not :o ), however I know for sure that waiting is not solving the problem. I waited for a couple of hours (until Handbrake completed its work) but the PC 2 was accessible only after a reboot.

I also tried to restart manually all services currently active, but this didn’t solve the issue :doh:

It seems that the reboot activates a “discovery” service of some sort that explore the local network and find again PC2, but I have no idea if this “discovery service” can be activated manually in some way :frowning:

So i checked all the services listed and I found something interesting. It is a service called BranchCache, but this service is disabled in both machines, so probably it is not what I’m looking for. I’ll do a test next time I have to reboot PC 2.

  • What kind of network are both computers using? Home, Company or Public? How are they configured?
  • What kind of firewall(s) are both comptuers using? How are they configured?
  • How are the sharing options for different network profiles configured?

[QUOTE=Mr. Belvedere;2611891]- What kind of network are both computers using? Home, Company or Public? How are they configured?

  • What kind of firewall(s) are both comptuers using? How are they configured?
  • How are the sharing options for different network profiles configured?[/QUOTE]

I didn’t notice that indeed there is a difference :o :doh:

PC 1 is set as Public, PC 2 is set as Home. I can’t remember why I set PC 1 as public, but I never changed this setting after operative system installation, so it remained as public.

In both machines I installed ZoneAlarm free, and the sharing options are set for full control in both computers :slight_smile:

Make a checkpoint and try to set them both to home. Perhaps that’ll work.

I’ll try, thanks for suggestion :slight_smile:

Geno888 this Post is 4 weeks old, but you didn’t say if you fixed your Networking problem. Networking has precises rules and all computers on your Network should be set up the same. To start set up unique names on both the WorkGroup and the PC’s. Shared Folders will easily come up when viewed, but you can Share any Folder you want. You can also set up Mapping where you can have a Folder show up each time you Boot up your computer. :cool:

I will try your suggesstions. I hope it works well. Thanks.