Network card causing BSODs on startup?




I am currently working on a computer that has an odd problem. Whenever I start the computer with my cable modem plugged into the network card, I get a BSOD soon after windows starts. If the modems cable is unplugged or if the modem is switched off the computer starts fine. The internet connection works fine once windows boots.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


hmmm well you asked for it…pc not grounded properly? Static from you maybe?

Try it in another pc and see what happens.


Just a wild guess but maybe a hardware conflict. Perhaps two pieces of hardware are active during bootup and are causing a crash, but not active at the same time after bootup? Maybe try a different pci slot? Just another thought (and maybe a more likely one). The system requires more power during startup. Perhaps your network card is pushing your system past what your power supply can handle. Do you have a multi meter? If the computer is not under warranty (or opening it won’t void your warranty), connect the multi meter to a yellow and a black wire from a molex (like the ones that give power to the hard drives, there should be some unused ones). Keep it connected and monitor voltages during startup, both with the card active and disabled. You can repeat with the red and black. They should be within 5% of 12v and 5v (at least I think that 5% is what spec allows for, though a good power supply should do better.)


What OS? This happens a lot in Vista. In XP you may not have enough power from your PSU.


I didn’t think about vista (still running xp on all my machines). Vista’s still pretty new and still full of bugs (especially hardware bugs from what I hear).