Network cable is not connected

When I turned on one of my computers today I noticed it had network cable is not connected when it was connected. Since I had a wireless card also, I checked and it worked. I replace the cable using a good one from my other computer still did not work. My computer has a intel pro/100ve network connection built into the motherboard so I could not change it. It is a dual processor with xp pro running. I then went to the bios and checked did not seem to have a problem. Next I thought maybe it was a power supply problem, but did not see how since every thing else worked. I took another power supply and hooked it up to the two connections to the motherboard and my hardrive. To do this I had to remove one of the memory sticks to install the main connector.
I forgot to put it back and started the computer. Since it had only three sticks of memory the computer started in single mode not duel mode. I got a message something to the affect that I had two networks installed when the computer started but I noticed the network connection worked. I reinstalled the old power supply cables and got the same message something about two networks when I start it, but the network connection worked. I then remembered I had not installed the last memory stick so it was still in single processor mode. I installed the other stick and restart the computer which came up in duel mode without the two networks message.
I think when it come up it reloaded the second processor with the same info as the first but not sure . I am now thinking that the problem had something to do with the second processor not having the same info as the first and when I removed the stick of memory and restalled it that fixed the problem. Bottom line it is fixed but I sure wish I knew for sure what I did to fix it.


this sounds like a bad memory module. You may try Memtest.

[nitpick]Also, your system didn’t run in “single processor mode”, but in “single channel mode”. The latter means, the memory bandwidth is limited (such happens always if only 1 or 3 modules are installed)[/nitpick]


Thanks did that and they check fine