NetTrends: teens want their MP3s and their CDs

I just posted the article NetTrends: teens want their MP3s and their CDs.

Jonas used our newssubmit to tell us about another research that shows that show that altough MP3 downloading is very populair it really doesn’t hurt the music industry as much as organistations…

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Yup… I agree that those who download music will not necessarily stop buying CDs. Works the other way around, too: I used to buy 10 to 15 CDs a year, although I occasionally copied one as well (max. 5 a year). Since I stopped buying CDs, I no longer copy any either… Just lost my interest. BTW: No longer buying (or copying) any CDs hasn’t made me any less happy (for those of you who might fear emotional consequences of such a move)…

I agree with this. 4 years ago when I first got into mp3s (any of you remember those days without napster???). Now, I am 16 and can honestly say that mp3s got me out of the mainstream stuff and into more independent artists. Sure, I buy three times as many cds as I back then… However, it is extremely rare that I buy a cd from a label supported by the RIAA.

Oops, didn’t finish that first thought. It should readL 4 years ago, when I first got into mp3s, I did it to hear the music that was not being played on radio or MTV.

People didn’t stop buying CD’s because of napster. They stopped buying CD’s because so many people are boycotting the RIAA because they shut down napster. Plus people have more important things left to buy. For one, a good DVD is only $10 compared to a music CD’s $17 around here. Plus big Corporate America laid half the USA off not to long ago, a lot of people don’t have money and struggle to pay rent, and buy food (me and most of my friends.) Food and Rent are more important then CD’s. So a note to the RIAA, and Big Corporate America. You can’t have any more of our money just to lock it away in a bank. You had to know that one day we wouldn’t have enough money to support you. This is why a lot of companies are going broke. Your money does you know good in a bank. The more money you get in the hands of consumers the more products we’ll buy. and to the RIAA. Don’t piss us off, because in the end all your money comes from us.

The truth for me anyway is that I too have cashed out on more CD’s due to downloading and checking stuff out first. As a raw example, I ain’t heard much of the following stuff here in the UK at all on any TV music station or radio station - well only once in a blue moon anyway, and because I was able to find it and check it first - I bought it . . Morcheeba - Charango (Trip-Hop) Omni Trio - Even Angels Cast Shadows (Drum n Bass) Planet Funk - Non Zero Sumness (Dance) Lamb - What Sound (Trip-Hop) I’ve lots of other examples too, but won’t waffle. True I’ve billions of other tunes for free aswell, but I wouldn’t have cashed out on 'em in the first place, so no loss there then. Just my two pennies worth. :4

i listen to alot of radio at work and the very limited playlists are annoying. i am sure that there are more good songs out there, but that they just dont make it through to radio. i think it is laziness and arrogance on the big labels and radio corporations ( i think clearwater communications owns 40% of all U.S. stations) and i get tired of the same songs so i download to get what i want and to see if there is more than the one good song by the artist. my last 2 cd’s purchased were because i got to check out the songs before i paid the outrageous sum of $18 for a cd( and yes the tight economy plays a huge factor)