Netscape/WinXP Home problem



G’day all
I’m having a problem with Netscape 7.2, It won’t run after installing, no mater what. I’m running Windows Home Ver 5.1. Any Idea how to fixit. I will be grateful


Does it come up with any errors or anything? Are you using SP2?


rfjr23, thanks for answering mate.
Q 1 No message. Icon won’t react when clicked on.
Q 2 Indeed SP2 is installed.


SP2 does have some issues with certain things I had an issue with my HP software.

Have you had Netscape installed before or is this a new problem? was it installed before or after SP2. I had to install my Hp software before I installed SP2, and all was ok.

I would try calling netscape and see what they say first. I am not to familar with netscape I use msn and comcast.

When you installed it did you turn of your AV? Sometimes this could cause a problem too.

Hope this helps but it is hard with out any kind of error messages or anything like that.

Try to look here (#4)


G’day again (not a very good one for me but)
Yes mate, I had Netscape before running on WXP Profesional without SP2, unfortunatelly my PC went buggered. I did not have WXP Pro to re install. I Bought Win XP Home (cheaper) with SP2. My mistake maybe.
I disabled all SV and spyware programs. Uninstalled Netscape, dedeted key from W registry, reinstalled Netscape. Nothing, No window opening. No message.
I tried the link you gave me.
I have read somewhere that you cannot uninstall SP2. I’keep trying
Thanyou for your help