Netscape Navigator 9 links

Netscape Navigator 9 has problems with in post links in CDF, Netsacpe 7.2 is OK. With netscape 9 when I click on a posted link nothing happens. :a

I think it is Netscapes problem not CDF, but you might want to check it out.

I just tried posting a link in FF too and it didn’t work

I just uninstalled it and going back to 7.2 and firefox

we getting the same problem? I just posted a link but the text only turns dark blue and isn’t a link. I think they must be doing some work on the site again


Test link ( —> klickedyklick

Works for me. At least with the ancient FF 1.0.3 :eek: that is installed here.

works with NS 7.2 not NS 9

hmm your test link works so hopefully this will work
yep working again for some reason