Netscape 6.01 available

I just posted the article Netscape 6.01 available.

Betanews reports that Netscape 6.01 can be downloaded from Netscape’s FTP site. There is no changelog available, but the people on Betanews do report a lot of crashes.

Netscape users…

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:8 IT seems better now. Fast d/l @ftpserver, fast install, imported ie-bookmarks, yeah, first impression is ok.

I mostly use Netscape, but IE is better. I just hate the Favoritethings of IE…this is the onliest thing which is really better in Netscape. btw Netscape 6 sucks. :r

Some time ago IE was :r Now things has changed and NetScape sux ! I like NetScape more … And I will stay with it ! :wink: