Netmeeting + hauppaugePCTV


I was browsing some faq’s on the Hauppauge website and I found that it should be possible to use a PCTV-card as source for Netmeeting-video. So I connected my PanasonicDV-cam to the HauppaugePCTV (S-VHS cable).
This works in capturing programs like Showshifter (when I select S-video input, I can view on my screen what’s “in front of the cam”). So the setup is correct, I guess. However, in Netmeeting, I can’t select any videosources :confused: Do I need an additional driver?
I could not find detailed info on the microsoft website (surprise surprise)


If in Netmeeting can you go to Tools/options/video and then under “video camera properties” , do you have a drop down box to pick your capture device?